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Only Words

Can’t we all just get along?

Nice Language Games, Bro…

Jim Henson on Love and Forgiveness

We Are All Jon Snow

When all else fails… “Human Nature”

I’m a Loner, Dottie… a Rebel.

Wisdom is Kindness

Horrifying Tales


A Friendly Gaze

Fight Poverty

That is the big problem of the Western world

Map of Philosophy


A Real Oldie but Goodie

The Longing for What Isn’t True – Steven Weinberg

Human beings regarded themselves as characters in a cosmic drama: We were created, we have sinned, we will be saved — a grand story. Now we realize that we’re more like actors standing around on a stage without direction and we have no choice but to improvise a little drama here, a little comedy there. I experience that as a loss… I feel a certain nostalgia for a bygone age of belief. I find myself attracted to religion. And my aversion to religion stems from the fact that I feel a longing for something I know isn’t true.

The Queen of Comedy

Wittgenstein vs. Language


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